Barley’s Canine Recreation


Barley’s Canine Recreation
Phone: 801-467-6069
2827 South 2300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84109

This place is amazing, I made a new puppy friend Ada, she is a border collie poodle mix and she was my bestest friend there, we played as we waited and then when it was time to swim she came in to make sure I was ok and then on my next swim’s she swam with me and then we rough housed on the pool deck. The humans and other dogs were great fun also every one gave us loves and let us romp and be puppy’s. And the staff were so kind, I even got an instagram follower from the one at the front desk. And the pool attendants were great also, they kept close to me on my first swims even though they fitted me a Ruffwear Life Jacket. And once they saw I had the hang of things they gave me a little more freedom but were always close by and watchful just incase.

The staff here are awesome and made my puppy feel loved and safe, more so they made me feel safe and confidant that my puppy would be ok. If you have a puppy I would absolutely recommend that you take the pup here for the puppy swim time. They limit it to about 8 puppy’s, and when you arrive they help get your little one in a life jacket and when every one is ready it is time to head to the pool. They then help ease your little one into the pool and get the familiar with where the ramp out is. The pool is crystal clear and a great temperature based on the water the puppy’s kept getting on me. They have a nice retail store, a great doggy day care and offer services from massages to acupressure for your loved pets.

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