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Socialize puppys

Us Puppies like to socialize and even if we have sisters or brothers and aunts and uncles we need to get out and meet other humans and puppies we do not know. This will make our life’s better and happier which will make your life better and happier. Remember we might be rough and tumble brave pups at home although when we are at a new place we may be timid and unsure so make sure you tell us how good we are doing and that it’s ok and if we get really scared hold us tight for a moment.

I have lots of fun at willowcreek puppy play & barleys rec center puppy swim. Even having new puppy play dates in the back yard or at the other puppy’s house has been great as well.

Calling All Dog’s

Calling All Dogs
6088 S Highland Dr, Holladay, UT 84121


Extremely poor customer service. Left numerous messages on multiple days asking for a call back and information on our training after I had to take my puppy to the emergency vet. Over a week now and no response.

During one of the puppy play times my puppy was viciously attacked by a much larger dog as well, we left the puppy play early.

Would strongly recommend that this place be avoided, the girls in the retail store are friendly and helpful although I would avoid lessons or even the place altogether.

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