The Dog House

The Dog House
Phone: 1-801-467-6744
1826 East 2700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

The Dog House in Salt Lake city is Ekko approved, they took their time getting me bathed and used to everything. And before it was time to be groomed they let my Daddy drop me off to have some puppy play time. And the nice humans let me go with them from room to room when I did not want to be alone, and when the scary dryer monster woke up they held me and made me feel safe and promised me the dryer’s evil cousin the vacuum would not be around.

As Ekko’s human, I can not give these amazing women a better review. We found them when our older dog was alive and they did such an amazing job with her I knew that these were now our groomers. I dropped my little guy off and knew he was in good hands, and that he would be loved and taken great care of. When it was time to pick him up they spent a good fifteen minuets or so letting me know how he did, and what they did. I was grateful for the great care and the patience they took in getting him through his first bath and brush. And to hear the praise from them on how well adjusted he was and to be thanked for doing my part in making sure he was. They are the kindest and best groomers I have found over the decades of having dogs.

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